• What’s Rafting

    What’s Rafting

    Rafting is an exciting outdoor sport which uses a rubber boat of 8 seaters and the boat goes down a torrent.

    In the 1980s, rafting began to spread in Japan. Outdoor sports brand of the long-established Mont-Bell was popular at once for the first time in 1991.

    Overseas, New Zealand and Nepal are thriving regions. It has become a major source of income for hands-on tourism.

    In Japan, it obviously has been gained with the general public participants, but it is also popular as one of the events of the school trips

  • What’s Race Rafting

    What’s Race Rafting

    Race rafting is boarded by four or six people in the rafting boat.
    Down early the torrent, is a sport to compete for time.

    There are four events

    time trial of short range
    H2H(head to head)
    the short distance race of 2groups simultaneous start
    compete for time, Pass through the gate in the order specified.
    down river
    compete for time in the long-distance, Start by 3-4 groups.

    Determines the rankings in the overall acquisition point of the 4 events.

    The host country Japan , the center earth of Batoringu Sports of Europian,Oceania is a outdoor sport developed country,It is the leading nation, such as the South American countries, the world level of torrent folds

  • The torrent “Yoshino river” of the world level

    The torrent “Yoshino river”
    of the world level

    Yoshino River is loved as a sacred rafting place in Japan by many river guides.

    The river appropriate for the torrent of the world level including the shallow more than 2meters of drops.

    There is abundant quality of water of only regular grade 4 in the country.
    Furthermore, the quality of the water to be able to foresee to a surface of a river and the bottom of the emerald green attract many participants from all over the world.

    We (strongly)think the Yoshino River impresses many guests not to mention participants as local treasure and Japanese treasure

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