• 2017.09.14
  • 2017.08.31
  • About the deadline for players family accommodation


    Players family accommodation of the team participating in the World Rafting Championship 2017 will be closed on August 25th,2017,17:00 (Japan Standard Time)

  • Access to the venue


    There is no parking  around “West-West”  during 2017 rafting world championship periods(from 3 to 9 on October).

    There is the free shuttle bus to the venue.

    ※The timetable of the free shuttle bus connects on decision on a homepage.


    ↓↓↓Click here↓↓↓

    【Map】Free parking lot and Shuttle Bus service.pdf



    ○Free Parking address

    Miyoshi-shi Ikeda synthesis gymnasium side  (2551-1, Ikedachomachi, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima)

    It takes 30 minutes to the venue.

    300 cars available

  • Shooting policy at the World rafting Championship 2017

    The IRF World Rafting Championship 2017 establishes the camera shooting policy as described in the attached document below to ensure safe shooting, video right and privacy protection.
    Those who wish to take photographs, please confirm the materials listed below and submit the camera shooting permission application form.
    ↓↓↓Check here↓↓↓
    ■ How to apply for camera shooting permission
    Complete the application form and submit it to the World Rafting Championship Executive Committee
    Please apply by e-mail, postal mail or direct brought.
    Application deadline
    Friday, September 29, 2017
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