• World Rafting Championship 2017 JAPAN Entry Form

    ◯DATE:October 2 (Mon)―October 9 (Mon)

    ◯LOCATION:Miyoshi City,Tokushima Prefecture , Japan

    ◯ENTRY PERIOD:April 1 ,2017 AM10:00-July 14 ,2017 PM17:00(Japan Standard Time)
    Please note that reservations can not be made after events reach the maximum number of applicants.(About 80 teams 640 people)

Open the website below , and please read “Tornament overview” and “Application requirements” carefully.

Click here for entry Frequently Asked Question About Entry

Firstly a big welcome to all the teams coming to the World Rafting Championships in Japan this October.
The local rafting companies and accommodation providers have come together to help teams with shuttles, river access, boats and accommodation prior to the commencement of the official event.
Its possible to access these packages from September 20 - October 2.

Firstly it is possible to rent a boat/van and driver for 20000 yen per day.
This price includes fuel and insurance. With this service a driver will come to your accommodation pick up the team and transport to the river... cover all shuttles throughout the day then return you home via the grocery store or beer shop as required. Unfortunately we can't do it any cheaper than this price....

We are expecting the days right before the race September 30 - October 2nd to be the busiest as teams squeeze in their last practices... so transport may change from individual vans to buses and trucks.... In this case a charge of 2500 yen per person will incur so a team of 6 will be 15000 yen...

There is a range of accommodation available from simple guesthouses with cook your own meals program from 3500 yen... to fancy places that will make you dinner and breakfast ..... The most expensive one on our list right now is around 8800 yen. Please tell us what kind of accommodation you are looking for and your budget and we will try to find a place for you... Once again we are expecting the days prior to the race to be popular so please book early if you intend to get some practice in before official training begins on the 3rd.

Please contact us at for more information. *JTB Western Japan Corp MICE Division*
Office hours: 9:30-17:30 (weekdays only)